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Salsa Steel - t.v. interview 2019

The CW and San Diego Channel 8 interview 2019 for the Zeverly Zone. 

Salsa Steel - NM State Fair interview

Bill and Stephanie interviewed by Channel 13 at the New Mexico State Fair 2019

Salsa Steel

The acoustics of steel drums have been studied and prove to physically improve health, energy and mood. The more drummers, the bigger the impact of this amazing instrument! 

Salsa Steel

Everyone loves the positive uplifting sound of the steel drums!  If it's fun, we will play it!

Salsa Steel

Bill and Stephanie play steel drums and sing with tracks to a huge variety of music including Latin, classic steel drum pieces, Calypso, kids music, classic rock - and more like this lovely Reggae piece. 

Grounds or stage, this husband and wife team is very well received and has a lot of fun!

GoodE Company - Renaissance

Goode Company is a costumed Renaissance minstrel group,  an instrumental group or a bit of both.  Minstrels play and sing songs from the Medieval period through the 17th century.  The instrumental group plays music from the 14th-16th centuries on authentic historic reproductions of 15th-16th century instruments. 

Good Company - Medieval sephardic

Minstrels play and sing songs from the Medieval through the 17th century in several languages.  This unique and beautiful song is sung in an ancient Sephardic language.

Goode Company - Scemc

Costumed  Renaissance 'loud band' playing authentic 16th century music on period instruments for dancers. This piece would be considered 'Top 40 dance music' back in the Renaissance period.  Instruments performed here are soprano and alto shawm, tenor and bass sackbut and the rope tension side drum.

Liberty Station

Liberty Station plays patriotic favorites and Americana. Perfect for holiday entertainment, ice cream socials and other family oriented events.  Instrumentation includes vocals, drums, guitar/marimba, flutes, mandolin, harmonica, double reeds and more depending on the size of group that works for your event! 

Liberty station

Liberty Station plays a very wide variety of patriotic music and Americana like this lovely piece, the Wildwood Flower. 


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